Why We are Here

This is the Major outline of the Nigeria Farmers Group and Cooperative Society’s (NFG-CS) Project Setup and the attempt at managing a Nigerian Nationalist Farm Settlement Villages across the nation which is Cheap to lease and cultivate, Supports all kind of Farmers and Capable of Developing Rural Communities across Nigeria. The Cooperative has secured 100,000 Hectares of Land, and this is just the Beginning of a nationwide push to promote, support, develop and sustain the Farming and Agricultural Initiatives of the government nationwide.

You Should Note...

"The only difference between a great life and a mediocre one is just a 'yes'."

NFG-CS is the right platform for all Nigeria Farmers; you have all the opportunities now to make the best use of what the government has to offer. We are working hard, using all available contacts within the establishment for the advantage of us all. We are Farmers. Agriculture and Farming is the Pride of Nations not an object of Ridicule. We Must not only propagate the Message of Planting Trees and Leading an Agricultural Rebirth at all Levels of Government; but Fight to make the Process Easier for Real Farmers. We are Seeking Agricultural and Farming Support Opportunities in Agriculture for More Nigerians; Pull Resources Together for Bigger and Better farming Opportunities and Investment as well as Providing information where Necessary to support whatever we have chosen to do in our own little way.

How do I become a Member?

You become a member of this great initiative and drive by clicking on the Join Us button and filling the form there. Thereafter, you are expected to pay a membership fee of N10,000.

NB: If you had previously paid the sum of N25,000 as membership fee for the new farming season, the Cooperative will hold the sum of N15,000 in savings for you.

What Do I Stand to gain?

As a member of our Cooperative Society; the following plus more are your Benefits to all farmers in the immediate farming site and those across the nation:

a) Access to Farming and Agricultural Support and Research Resources, Training Programs; Farmland to Lease and Continuing assistance throughout the farming season.

b) Access to Governments Agricultural Loans, Aids and Grants nationwide. Programs like the CBN Anchor Borrowers Program and others will be collectively accessed for our members when the opportunity arises.

c) Employment of Agricultural Extension Officers and Workers to Support farmers on site, online and offline.

d) Availability of off-takers to buy all our produce.

Let's all note that farm land allocation for lease will be on the basis of First Come, First Serve. No behind the door negotiations in whatever form will be accepted. We therefore need to avoid late rush, and register, indicating the number of hectares needed. Further information on produce to be cultivated and lease cost per hectare will be outline soon.


 100,000   900   200    10


In the early months of our infancy, when The Cooperative was just an Idea on the minds of our founding members, and we did not have the support to really take off, we were lucky enough to have partners like KiaKia which is a direct lending platform with the vision of financing people's dreams and ideas even when they do not have money. It is because of KiaKia that we survived long enough to realize this vision.

What are the Cost Implications?

A Member who wishes to become a Farmer has the Opportunity to Lease Land Whenever S/He feels like. Under this system of Cooperative Farming, The Farmer bears the financial burden of farming his/her Leased Hectare(s).

Every Crop on the NFG-CS list of Crop for farming comes with it, the Total Cost of Farming it per Hectare. So, the Member will pay that sum multiplied by the number of Hectare(s) S/He may wish to farm with the Cooperative.

Key Points to Note...

The new Farmland Mapping Outline is being partitioned per 100 Hectares, that is, a plantation system of farming. Every bloc of plantation Will Have Access Road for Motorway and Water Channel. The Farm Layout for every Farm Settlement will have Two Central Warehouse; Tools Warehouse and Farm Produce Warehouse that will be equipment for all types of Tools and Produce. Individuals can decide to have some sort of storage in their Leased land, but all Tools and Produce will be stored centrally.

MANAGEMENT Will Provide Security of Land, Properties, Crops and Produce. The Farm Settlement or Village will be developed by the Cooperative and Farm Management. Water Channel; Lake and Irrigation outline will be the Responsibility of the Cooperative Particularly during the Dry Season for Farmers.

Target Commodities

MAJOR Targeted Commodities that we will cultivate in the Farmland are Listed Below:

  • Maize
  • Beniseed
  • Soyabeans
  • Cowpea
  • Water Melon
  • Ginger

What Our Farmers Can Do

These are some of the things our farmers can do;

  • Personally Lease Farmland and cultivate it Directly with Minimal Cooperative Support.
  • Enjoy Available Agricultural Support Programs with Loans and Aid.
  • Access Agricultural Support and Training Programs Directly.
  • Save 10% of Net Profit From Sales with the Cooperative Society as Farmer Funds.
  • Access to our collective off-takers, support training and storage facilities.


  • Have to be close to their subscribed Hectares. You can be in the USA, UK, EU, Ghana, Lagos, Ondo or Enugu, as long as you are interested in farming, then you should join our ranks.
  • Have to Employ Farm Managers to manage their Farm and Investments. The Cooperative Society Will do it for them.
  • Have to be Involved in Daily Decision Making Processes; the Investment will be Supervised by the Cooperative Society.
  • Have to be Present at the End of the Farming Season; Produce are Sold and Farmers are expected to be Paid Profit by the Process and the Cooperative.
  • Have to Visit the Farm all the time, Once in a While is appreciable. Farmers will have unlimited access to their farm though; Agricultural Support Programs; Loan and Training for the managers.

Economic Nationalism is the Bedrock for National Growth and Development; Agriculture is the Fastest Way to achieve it. Come and Let us Reason Together and make Nigeria great again.