The Opportunity is here, to invest with Nigeria's Premier Agricultural Cooperative Group. We give you a list of 7 Reasons why you should become an Investor with us today! 7 Reasons why you should take the leap and invest with us.

1. The Largest Private Sector Agricultural Group in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Farmers' Group & Cooperative Society (NFG-CS) is the largest Private Sector Agricultural Group and Investment Platform in Nigeria. This we have been able to achieve with minimal Government Support by leveraging on the collective vision and drive of Nigerians to develop the Agricultural Sector, hence, Nigeria. Currently, we have about 5000 Hectares under our control.

2. Full Integration with Host Communities

We are not just an Investment Platform. We are A platform for real Growth and Development in Hinter Communities. We have achieved full integration with the Host Communities where our Farm settlement Villages are located. Our National Coordinator, A Farmrade from Delta State has been installed the Sarkin Yarkin of Gaate Land, Nasarawa State, An honor in commemoration of his good works towards the people of Communities.

Sarkin Yarkin

3. Access to Local and International Markets

Agricultural Products command huge prices in the market and members can take advantage of this price increase over the last few years. However, getting into the market both local and international requires certain level of knowledge and finesse. With an efficient Commodity Exchange Platform, we supply to virtually all the countries of the world.

4. Security of Investment

When it comes to Agricultural Investments, Security is now a Hot Button. We take this very seriously. Apart from full integration with Host Communities which reduces security threats on Investments, we have partnered with local herdsmen whom we have provided Grazing Paths round our farms. Also, all Investments with the Cooperative is 100% insured with the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC).

5. Strategic Partnership with Industry Heavyweights

As with every other business venture, partnerships make or mar the success of the business Venture. This is why, NFG-CS has partnered with Industry Heavyweights in the Agricultural Sector, from Seed Producing Companies, to Financing Companies like Kiakia to even the Federal Government which provides the Cooperative access to subsidized farming Implements.

6. Special Research on Agriculture and Farming Opportunities

There are many credible Agricultural Research Institutes around the world willing to work with credible Organisations in Africa to end the Continent's food challenge. We have formed Strategic Alliances with some of these Institutes all over Africa for research findings and information sharing.

7. Agriculture is the Future of Investments

Feeding will always be the primary need of every living organism. This is why Agriculture is the only business venture with the capacity to guarantee 100% ROI in the first year of Business Operation. Investing in Agriculture is resource-intensive: time, money and knowledge must combine to give the perfect result. Research has shown that investing with Groups and Cooperatives is the best approach to making profits in Agriculture. There are many advantages this offers. NFG-CS has the track record of meeting the Investors expectations and more.


With the current food crises in Africa and South America, there has never been a better time to invest in Agriculture than now. Though Nigeria's Food Import Bill has reduced in the past few years, it is still in the Billions of Dollars. This is veritable Foreign Exchange that could have been used for infrastructural Development.

The window of opportunity is open now for any wise investor to invest in Agriculture. When you do make up your mind to invest in Agriculture, wouldn't you rather invest with us?

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