NFG-CS NEW Contract Farming

Q: What is the Contract Farming Program?

The NFG-CS Contract Farming Program is an Investment Programme of the Nigerian Farmers' Group & Cooperative Society targeted at Individuals, Groups and Corporate Bodies who can afford a minimum Investment Outlay of 15 Million Naira. This Investment Program is completely different from the Cooperative Farming Program which caters for Investors who can afford to pay a minimum of the Cultivation cost for one Hectare of any of the crops on the Crops' List.

Q: What is The ROI for this Farming Program?

The Cooperative guarantees a 50% Return on Investment for this Farming Program.

Q: What is the Length of the Investment Cycle?

Each Investment Cycle last for a 12 Month Period.

Q: Are there any Special Investment Cases under this Program?

Yes. There is.

The Cooperative recently signed a Major Supply Contract with a Trading Company to supply 10,000 Tonnes of Beniseed (Sesame Seed) and Soybeans by February of 2019. In view of this Supply Order, The Cooperative is giving Investors the Opportunity to take advantage of this Short-Term Investment by Investing in a minimum of 50 Hectares for any of the Crops in view - Beniseed and Soybeans.

Q: Is this Special Investment Time Bound?

Yes, it is. To meet up with the February time line, Planting must begin by September. Hence, an Investor interested in taking advantage of this Opportunity has till the 31st of August, 2018 to Invest in this Program.

Q: What happens after 31st of August, 2018?

Investment Window for this Special Case Contract Farming will be over. However, Investors will still be able to Invest in the normal Contract Farming Program when the General Investment Window opens by September, 2018.

Q: What is the Cultivation Cost for the Crops in View?

A Hectare of either of the crops in view - Beniseed and Soybeans costs N200,000 to cultivate.

Q: Is there a difference in Returns for the Special Case Contract Farming Program?

No, there is not. The Return on Investment is still same with the Contract Farming Program which is a Guaranteed 50% ROI.

Q: Is there any Considerations given to Investors who are already Members of the Cooperative?

Yes, there is. Any Member of the Cooperative who at the time of release of this Communique has invested with the Cooperative is legible to Invest in the Special Case Contract Farming Program. The Minimum Number of Hectare they can subscribe for is 10 Hectares. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO ALREADY EXISTING INVESTORS OF THE COOPERATIVE.

Q: When do I expect to be paid?

The Order will start to be serviced in February, 2019. As such, Members should expect to Cashout by 31st of March, 2019.

Q: How do I Invest in this Opportunity

We have an Investment Calculator which is used for interested Investors to make their Investment Orders. Kindly use the link beside this answer to access the form.