Contract Farming: Lease up to 1000 Hectares Now!!!

NFG-CS Contract Farming

Great Farmrades,

NFG-CS is looking to make Agriculture the Mainstay of our Economy like it once was. This time around, we are encouraging Nigerians to be the one leading the charge instead of the Government. The model is simple: Nigerians irrespective of their location can lease land from the Cooperative, Choose the kind of Crop they wish to farm from the list of crops available, and then provide the funds to farm these lands. Knowing that one of the major drawbacks of Agriculture is the intensive attention which it requires, the Cooperative is undertaking to manage the entire process for the investors.

The Process is even simpler. You lease land from the Cooperative, tell them what you wish to farm and the number of Hectares you wish to farm and then The Cooperative manages the entire thing for you. Please do note that this process takes one year, from the moment you enter into Agreement with the Cooperative. Also note that you can request up to 50% of your Expected Net Profit from the Cooperative after Six (6) Months of investment.

Here are major details you need to know about this Program:

  1. Farmers fund the farms 100%.
  2. The Cooperative manages the farm 100%.
  3. Net Profit is split in favor of the Farmers.
  4. Farming is Annualized.
  5. Subscription includes Insurance with the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporations.

So, if you are a new farmer just hearing about this for the first time, What do you need to do?

  1. Log on to to fill the membership form. Please note that Farmers who have not completed this process of registering on our website MUST do.
  2. Pay the sum of N10,000 membership fee to the account details which appear on the welcome page as well as on your email.
  3. Send proof of payment to the specified number on the welcome page and website as well.
  4. You will be added to the Groups Forum after confirmation of payment.
  5. Use the Crop-Hectare-Price Calculator to determine the financial implication of the farming venture which you are interested in. When you submit Your Order, the total cost of your intended farming activities is made known to you (
  6. Pay that Sum into the Specified Account and the Cooperative will then generate an Electronic Lease Certificate which will be delivered straight to your inbox. This E-Lease Certificate will be your claim in NFG-CS.

If you are an already existing farmer with The Cooperative all you just need to do is follow instructions 4 & 5 above and you are good to go! Please note that instructions 1, 2, 3 & 4 are not compulsory for New Contract Farmers, although there are advantages to being a member of the Cooperative.

Please note that any and all payments must be made into this Account Details:

Account Name: Nigeria Farmers’ Group & Cooperative Society
Account Number: 4428772016
Bank: FCMB

Send details of payment by Email to or Via SMS to +2348055966030

Farm, Feed & Grow Nigeria.