One of the major mission of NFGCS, apart from ensuring food security for the nation is to serve as a model for sustainable national development by engaging local resources in solving contemporary issues. This was demonstrated by the Hydroponics Pilot Program.

Hydroponics involves growing crops with nothing else but water. There are different approaches to this, but it majorly involves the presence of water and the absence of soil, the traditional means of growing crops.

The Pilot was borne out of need to proffer working solution to the security challenges of Farmers’-Herders Crisis. NFGCS believes that the old approach to Agriculture must be undergo innovation in order to yield better results.

The Program sees the growing of crops and vegetables in a matter of days. The applications to this include growing of feed for cattle and other animals, growing of vegetables. This program was a success.

Most Cow Dueling RUGAs Across Nigeria Populated By The Hausa Fulanis and Those in The Business of Animal Husbandry Have Less Than 1,000cows. If I Want to Feed 1,000 Cows With HYDROPHONIC Cow FODDER Feeder System that be designed and deployed by just about anyone in Nigeria, We Can use both Plastic Baskets and Galvanize Plates for planting on a Wooden HYDROPHONIC Structure. Now Consider the Cost Savings Over time from Soil less Planting and Peace That Can Be Associated with the System in a Nation Like Nigeria.

2KG of Grain Can Give You About 20kg in 10 days. You Need 300 Baskets Planted Everyday for Ten Days to Feed 1,000 Cows Comfortable Repeatedly, Monthly and Annually. Now With 3000 Baskets or Galvanize Plates Each Holding 2kg Grains Will Require 6000kg of Grains to Plant Every 10days Which is 6tons and We Will Harvest 60,000kg Which is 60tons of Grains Equivalent to 2Trailer Loads Every 10 Days. An Average 300kg Cow Requires between 5-7kg Daily With Enough Water.

60,000kg From One HYDROPONIC Unit Will Feed 1,000 Cows for 12 Days and 10 Units Will Feed The Cows For 120days.

WE will only be Needing Pasture and other form of food as Short Term Solutions until all Cow FODDER Feed Units are Available. This is a Learning Process and it is a Major Solution for Minimizing the Challenges and Conflicts Associated With The Business of Livestock Management in Nigeria. I am Sure this is a Major Solution Considering our Current Situation with Farmers and Herders.

Every Nation Must Seek Solutions to The National Question of Food and State Security or We Will be Left With Banditry, Kidnappings, Armed Robbery, Looting Politicians, Scamtivist, Unemployment, Underdevelopment and Socio Economic Challenges. We Have a Nation to Build and Every Solution That is Capable of Making Nigeria Great Again Must Be Explored, Studied, Tested, Implemented and Deployed.

1. Big Red Beans is N250/kg
2. Small Red Beans is N170/kg
3. Big White Beans is N210/kg
4. Small White Beans is N180/kg
5. Sorghum White is N110/kg
6. Sorghum Red is N115/kg
7. Millet is N115/kg
8. Maize/Corn is N100/kg

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