SUMMARY: Explore Groundnut and Mellon With NFG-CS in This Limited and Exclusive Investment Offer.

The Nigerian Farmers’ Group & Cooperative Society has recently entered into agreement with Ivado Universal Options Limited to supply 700 Metric Tonnes of Groundnut and Melon by June, 2019.

Consequently, the Cooperative is making this offer public. The Cooperative intends to cultivate 350 Hectares of Farmland to meet up with this demand. A Hectare of Groundnut or Melon cost N200,000 to cultivate which in turn yields about 2 Metric Tonnes of Produce.

The Expected ROI for the Investment is 45%, Investment Tenure is 7 months with Payout expected in July, 2019. The Window for Investing in this Opportunity closes on 31st December, 2018.

This Investment Opportunity is open to Institutional Investors of the Cooperative, Special Contract Farmers and Cooperative Investors who already have Investment Portfolio of N1 Million and above with the Cooperative. Other Investors who are willing to Invest in a minimum of 10 hectares can be part of this Investment Program.

For more information call:

Retson: 08035762726
Bright: 08149575522

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