#NFGCSKENAF Pilot Was Really Good. We Planted 2KG of Kenaf Costing N5,000 at N2,500/kg. We harvested 62.10kg. Based on Average Price for Kenaf Seeds. That is N155, 250. This is Within 120days.

Kenaf plant is an annual plant which can be planted either for the seed or the fibre. There are different varieties in the market. Kenaf can be harvested as early as 90days after planting to 120 days after planting. The Fibre is used in making Jute Bags, or the fibre used in POP for building.

This Pilot is in partnership with the main body in charge of developing the Kenaf Value Chain in Nigeria.

KENAF is the Basic Raw Material for POP Ceiling and Jute Bags as Well as Industrial Waste Cleaning With Kenaf Core Powder.

#OCCUPYFARMS WILL Make Nigeria Great Again #MANGA