#FARM2FEEDNAIJA Believes That For The Revolution in Agriculture to Be Viable, State Governments Must Do as Much as #TEAMPMB is Doing; As Much as The Minister of Agriculture is Willing to Do. The Local Governments Must Challenge Themselves and Fight for the Development of Their Base. Every Member of The National Assembly Must Develop The Agricultural Potentials of His or Her Constituency. The #CBN & #NIRSAL Must Realize that Developing the Agro-Potentials of The Nigeria Nation Will Not Work from the Comfort Zones of Their Offices in #ABUJA, #LAGOS & other Capital Cities in Nigeria.

Agriculture is Capable of Changing the Fortunes of This Nation within the Next Decade. Corruption, Petty Bigotry, Sustained Stupidity, Escalated idiocy from Agitators Across the Country and Religious Blindness Will not Develop This Country and Her People forever.

It is Time to #OccupyTheFarms, It is Time to Fight the Battles of Honesty, Hardworking, Humility and Humanity. If there was A Choice, I Will not Take it. If there is a Better Country, I will Still Choose Nigeria. Let This War Be Won for the Good of Country and People. Pray if you Must but Never Forget that Work is the Key to Success not Prayers. Cry if you have to, But Never allow Destructively Demonic Politicians use you again as Tools of Elevation, Then Kick Away The Ladder for Another Four Years.

The Time to Talk is Over, The Time to Walk the Talk is Now. #ECONOMICNATIONALISM is The Bedrock of Sustainable Growth and Development. Join The Revolution; Preach The Project and Make a Difference

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