The Minister of Agriculture meets With The Interim Board Members of The Nigeria Farmers Group and Cooperative Society (NFG-CS) Today.

#FARM2FEEDNAIJA: Economic Nationalism is the Foundation of Sustainable Growth and Viable Development. The Clearest indication of a fundamental shift in the thinking of Government in Nigeria is currently being Witnessed by the President’s Consistency in attempting a Revolution in the Agricultural Sector. From the CBN to the Ministry of Agric, from Kebbi to Lagos and from Facebook to Twitter, Nigerians are Believing hopefully from the Hopelessness of decades past.

This Necessitated the Leasing of 1000¬†Hectares of Land in Maraba Gaate, Kokona LGA, Nasarawa by the Nigeria Farmers Group & Cooperative Society to Continue the Re-stimulation of a Culture of Farming that is not only Profitable but Sustainable. This is what Prompted the Request from the Minister of Agriculture to Meet with the Leadership of NFG-CS. It’s what Drives Lauretta Onochie, SA to PMB on Social Media to Continue Seeking Support Solutions for Nigerians on Social Media who are Willing to Move the Conversation from the Keyboard to the Street.

Let The Cooperative Society Proudly Announce that though the Challenges for New Start ups like us are immense, TeamPMB’s Drive, Desire and Determination to See Common Nigerians Empowered is Second to None. The support for those who can pull themselves together to make Nigeria Proud is Available and we can be anybody but once the objective is not about going to ask for free money, we can see and harmonize positions and opportunities with any Leader in this Government.

The Meeting With the Minister of Agriculture was an opening towards seeing that Government is Ready and Seeking Viable Partners for Real Growth & Progress. The Several Agricultural Initiatives by the Government through various dimensions are laudable and will pull this country away from this Quagmire of Zombie Dependency on Miracles & Criminality for Sustainably. TeamPMB is reintroducing gradually the Concept and Mindset of Work Hard and Smart and Eat well. Pray Hard & Always without work and Suffer.

The Minister of Agriculture and the Government will do the Following for NFG-CS.

1. Provide Bulldozers to Support the Cooperative Society as we continue the Clearing of the 1000 Hectares without any cost burden to the Cooperative. The Ministry will also Provide Tractors to Support the NFG-CS Farming efforts this Season.

2. Provide Support to Create an Enhance Irrigation System that will Service the 1000 Hectares all season with water for all the Farm needs.

3. Will Support the Farmland with a Security post, Part of what is being setup to secure Farmlands across the Nigeria State to ensure that Investments are Safe from any form of Violent Attacks and destructions.

4. Will Support the Cooperative Society’s Future Expansion drive of 10000 Hectares per geopolitical zones for Long Term Plantation Farming to secure the Future Today.

5. The Government will also Provide Support with Seedlings, Chemicalization, Fertilization, Research & Process Enhancement.

We can only be Forceful with our demands to change this country, When we have a Voice and that voice is empowered strongly to fight and overcome Hunger, Poverty and Suffering. Agriculture and Farming are the most viable alternative to the Oil Economy Debacle and this #TEAMNIGERIA have identified this and the Progress even though slowly are pulling Nigeria out of the Shit-hole of Mindless Political Criminality and Demonic Audacious Impunity that almost killed Nigeria.

We are Ready, We are Committed to this Battle to Empower Nigerians and therefore give a Voice to the Vulnerable in making an informed opinion in the Ballot and on the street for the Good of all. We have a Nationalist President and we must become Nationalist in our approach to fix this country. It is Nigeria First, Nigeria Only and Nigeria Always.

#FARM2FEEDNAIJA is our Only Goal & Objective to Empower the common Nigerian and we must do it Together Strongly because a People United can Never be Defeated.

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