The Federal Government of Nigeria Must act Urgently and Quickly or the Nigerianization or Localization of Maize Production will be Lost to the Anti-Nationalism Forces of Importers Hell-bent on Destroying Nigerian Farmers in Favour of India Farmers who are Subsidized by the India Government. Their Whole intent is the Killing of Nigerians who have decided to Support the Federal Governments Localization Message and Action.

Olam Farms Have 7 Vessels Loaded With Maize, Imported with the Sole Aim of Killing Nigerian Producers; Jobs and the Nigerian Economy. The Current Price in Nigeria is Between N130,000 and N250,000 per ton with Local Production. The current landing cost of the Maize Olam is Importing is N40,000/ton. If allowed, the action will spell doom for farmers who have Battled Lack of Funding; The Ineptitude of Government Agencies; and the Continuing War with Army Worms in this current Farming Season.

These Imported Maize are not Produced in West Africa but India; Whatever the Relationship, the Nigerian Government cannot Allow these Maize to be sold here. #NFGCS is Employing 250 Staff Today and is hoping to add a further 1,000 before the end of this Year. We are currently opening up 2,000 hectares of new farmland in Nasarawa and Adamawa.
We are informed that the Minister of Agriculture and That of Finance have kicked against this Insanity by Olam; But the Nigerian Customs have Cleared this Audacious Attempt at Killing Local Farmers. #NFGCS and Many Small Scale Farmers will suffer for heeding our President’s Call to Farm if these Seven Vessels are allowed to be sold in Nigeria.

WE HAVE ONLY ONE DEMAND. Let These Vessel Head back to India. Nigeria Cannot Afford to Eliminate the Livelihood of Millions of Farmers who are Answering a National Call to make Nigeria independent of External Influences.

PLEASE SHARE; CALL & FIGHT. That is the Eternal Obligation of Nationalist & Buharist.