It filtered through to us in the closing hours of yesterday, Wednessday 24 August, 2017 on the activities of an anti-nationalism group, Olam Group with Seven Vessels of Maize berthed on the shores of Nigeria. Their plan, they were going to sell maize, one of the major staple of Nigerian nutrition at a highly subsidized rate.

The implications of these are far reaching. NFG-CS currently employs about 300 community farmers in each of their farms, and we plan to expand to every parts of Nigeria. We have scarcely gotten any subsidy from any Government Agency, despite the numerous promises made. These didn’t deter us. The President made a call for nationalistic growth with the pivot being Agriculture and we heeded. The pendulum is swinging in another direction and Agriculture is the new gold, or so we thought.

Now, with the action of this Olam Group, it becomes clear that Nigerian Farmers enjoy no protection from the government. If they did, then Olam wouldn’t have been allowed to berth these seven vessels.

Now, if these vessels are allowed to clear Customs and find their way into the market, then local farmers can’t compete with this capitalist firm with far too much reach. NFG-CS will have to shut down some of it’s operations, as we have incurred cost which the new selling price will not be complimentary. And not just this, the discouragement alone of excited investors who put their hard-earned money into this project, which when taken as a whole is for all Nigerians will do more damage than good. In the end, the only people who will have won will be Olam and the Indian Government who hugely sponsors them.

We are therefore calling on all well meaning Nigerians to take a Stand against this heartless rape of our future by short-sighted capitalists. This is a fight which we shall commit our all into and we hope that more Nigerians will come to our ranks.

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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