A Simple On-boarding Process

Registering and becoming a Member of the Cooperative is a simple process because we understand that Nigerians across the Globe would be interested in our activities. Registering is as simple as filling a Form online.

The Process Flow to Becoming An Investor

Welcome to the Family

Registration is as simple as filling a Form Online. We have developed a fully functional Platform where that makes it easy to register and make your membership payment with the Cooperative. We are also making it easier with the development of our Mobile Application which interested members can download on their mobiles. We are fully digitilised!

Plug Into A Working System

As an Existing Member of the Cooperative, you are at liberty to invest in any Program which appeals to you, depending on the strength of your pocket. You do not necessarily have to break the banks to invest in any one of our Unique Investment Programs. Choose the Investment Programs that appeal to you, make payment and watch NFGCS make money for you while you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you are directly developing Nigeria through Agriculture.

Earn Attractive Returns on Investment

We have the most attractive Returns on Investment on Agricultural Investments in the Whole World. You can grow your portfolio without breaking any sweat because your funds will be used for the productive activities in which you invested in.

What Do You See?

The Future belong to those who see the Vision today and are ready to make that Future a reality. Are you a Visionary?.

Rock Solid Values

Integrity is a key value which has served us well in the years since our establishment. As an ideological alternative, it is imperative that a key founding values be Integrity.

As an Agricultural Investment Platform, handling over a Billion Naira in Investments alone, our Valued Investors must trust that their resources will be utilised for the purposes for which the Investments were made.

NFGCS is a working partnership among different working parts. It is a synergic relationship that exists among Host Communities, Management, Investors, staff and the different other parts working towards the shared goal of developing Nigeria through Agriculture.

Get In Touch or Visit The Farm Anytime 

We are an Agricultural Investment Platform offering Nigerians all over the world the opportunity to own farms across Nigeria without having to make any career change.

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