As the Premier Integrated Agricultural Project doing our best to ensure that Nigeria achieves food sufficiency and security, we are inbvolved in a number of activities and programs which we have grouped under three major categories.

The Major Categories of activities on the Farm Estate are:

Animal Husbandry

There are varied livestock agricultural programs that the Farm is involved with. These include poultry for both egg and meat production, a working ranch, which is a working template for the proposal of the National Livestock Transformation Plan, under the office of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Crop Production

Our first foray into this agricultural journey started with crop production, specifically maize production. Since then, we have diversified our crop profile to incude yam, groundnut, melon, soybeans, sesame seed (beniseed), cassava and kenaf. Our investments in crop production are done after careful pilot programs. Also, we maintain a Farmers’ Network which we support with resources for increased crop production.


Value Addition is an Important segment of the Agro Value Chain, and necessary for long-term survival and growth. In 2019, after two full seasons of primary production, the Farm made the important decision to pivot to processing of products which are farmed on the Farm Estate. This singular move has meant the continued survival of the Farm in the long-term. Presently, the Farm has automated rice processing plant, an animal feed processing facility, flour processing facility, and groundnut oil processing facility. Our goal is to ensure that everything we farm around the Farm Estate is essentially used to feed the processing facilities.

Cooperative Farming

We believe that Cooperative Societies offer a viable strategy and path to food security and sufficiency. To this end, we started as a Cooperative Society and still maintain a structure of Cooperativeness within the organisation. 

Most importantly, we maintain an active Farmers’ Network of more than 900 Farmers whom we cannot employ to work on the Farm Estate and support them with inputs. The Farm then acts as off-takers for these Farmers and the differentials are paid to the Farmers as profit for their ventures. This ensures that not only does the Farm have access to raw materials for its processing facilities, but that we improve the lives of the citizens of our Host Communities, allowing them to contribute to National Growth. 

This system also extends to the local Fulani Communities who we have found a way to integrate into our production and management system. These local Fulani Communities do not just provide the Farm with cowboys for our ranch, but also take care of our herds, and in so doing, are enlightened about better approaches to animal husbandry.

Food Crops


Cash Crops


One of the ways we also have been able to survive without much Government or Institutional Support is through partnerships with organisations whose goals and objectives match our goals and objectives. Our partnerships are mostly structured around off-take of our products which leads to quicker turn around of available resources. 

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We are an Integrated Agricultural Project doing our best to ensure that Nigeria achieves food sufficiency and security.

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