As the Premier Agricultural Investment Platform, there are different Investment Programs which are available for different cadre of Investors. So whether you have a few hundred thousands to invest or a couple of Billions to Invest in Agriculture, we are here to accommodate your funds.

Our Investment revolves around these three areas:

Livestock Investment

Choose from our varied Livestock Investment Programs and the value chain around Livestock Production.

Crop Investment

Choose from our varied Crop Investment Programs and the value chain around Crop Production.


Value Addition is an Important segment of the Agro Value Chain. Choose from the varied opportunities along this Process.

Cooperative Farming

Realise your dream of a revolutionary Farmer under the Cooperative Farming Program. This is the most common Program for the Cooperative where Investors register as members of the Cooperative before proceeding the invest on any of the Programs. With this Program, the Investor can invest with a minimum of Six Hundred Thousand, thus the program is a flexible one for prospective Investors offering them the opportunity to invest in wider arrays of investment.

Food Crops


Cash Crops

Contract Farming

Increase your Investment Portfolio by Investing in the Contract Farming Program. This Program is especially reserved for Large Portfolio Investors with a Minimum Investment of N500 Million. The Return on Investment is Fixed for a Minimum 15% and a tenure of 60 Months.

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We are an Agricultural Investment Platform offering Nigerians all over the world the opportunity to own farms across Nigeria without having to make any career change.

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