NFG-CS Cattle Program

Great Farmrades,

NFG-CS is looking to make Agriculture the Mainstay of our Economy like it once was. This time around, we are encouraging Nigerians to be the one leading the charge instead of the Government. The model is simple: Nigerians irrespective of their location can lease land from the Cooperative, Choose the kind of Crop they wish to farm from the list of crops available, and then provide the funds to farm these lands. Knowing that one of the major drawbacks of Agriculture is the intensive attention which it requires, the Cooperative is undertaking to manage the entire process for the investors.

The Cattle Investment Program is a new Investment which was introduced to the general public after successful Pilot for the past 18 months. This Investment Opportunity is NOT open to every Investors but those Investors who demonstrate that they understand the scope of vision of the Cooperative without needless emphasis on quick Returns.

Here are major details you need to know about this Program:

1. The Total Minimum Investment is N1,000,000 and Investment is Accepted in Multiples of N200,000.

2. The Cost of Procurement for 5 Cows is N500,000 and The Cost of Feeding, Medication and Management for 3 Years is Expected to be N500,000.

3. In Three Years, Your Expected Returns is Gross of 12 Cows Including the Initial 5 (We Expect a Mortality Rate of 20%).

4. The Net Returns to The Investors on a Block of 5 Cows is 10 Including the Initial Cows.

5. After Three Years, The Investor May Decide to Sell The Initial 5 Cows at About 40% Profit and Allow the Remaining 6 Cows to Continue with the Process. It is Expected that we can do About 20 Cows in Five Years and Also go into Dairy Production.

6. The Cooperative and The Investor will need to discuss the dynamics after the First Three Years to agree on Increasing the Cows, Selling the First Set and Breeding the Remaining for Meat, and Like earlier Stated work together to begin the Process of Milking those Cows.

7. Since the Projection from the Cooperative is 1,000 Cows in Five Years and the Need to setup a Diary Plant, The Investor and the Cooperative will negotiate terms for Continuity and Sustainability.

8. There are currently discussions ongoing with regards artificial insemination of hybrid sperms as well as fertility treatment for high milk yield and high meat yield, those are discussions that will be available to the Investors.

9. Our Current expected number of Cows is based on conservative baseline numbers, meaning that we can get more with proper Management and NFGCS is working on these.

10. More Questions should be asked and answers will be Provided.

Interested Investors for this Investment Program should indicate interest by sending a mail to or call this number: +234 (0) 803 576 2726