New Season Outline 2019 A

Great Farmrades,

The farming season is still active. The Nigeria Farmers’ Group and Cooperative Society (NFG-CS) is an Agricultural Investment Platform offering Nigerians all over the world the opportunity to own farms across Nigeria without having to make any career change.

Interested Investors can invest in a minimum of one (1) Hectare for the Crops or Bloc for the Livestock Investment Program. Investors can invest in any crop or Livestock as long as the available slots have not been exhausted. Some peculiarities of this Investment Program include;

  1. This Agricultural Investment Program is open to Nigeria from any where in the world.
  2. Investment Tenure is 12 Months, with Cashout expected on the 12th Month.
  3. Investors can conservatively earn at least 40% ROI after profit sharing.
  4. Profit is shared between the Investor and the Cooperative with the Investor earning 70% of the profit.
  5. Investor must duly register with the Cooperative to qualify for this Agricultural Investment Program.
  6. The Minimum Investment any Investor can hold at anytime is one hectare for the crops and one Bloc for the Livestock Investment Program.

For Example: an Investor invests N200,000 into the farming of Beniseed. At the end of his/her Investment Tenure, the revenue accruing to that one hectare is N330,000. This means that a profit of N130,000 has been made. This represent a 65% ROI on the Initial Investment Capital. This N130,000 is split into two: 70-30 with the Investor taking 70% of the Profit. This corresponds to N91,000. Hence, the take home at the end of the Investment is the Initial Investment Capital of N200,000 plus N91,000, which is 70% of the Profit. The Expected Returns at the end of Farming Tenure is N291,000.

To get started on the Investment Program, Interested Investors should start by registering with the Cooperative. Registration is done online at the URL:

After completing the Registration Process, Investors should initiate the Investment Process using the Investment Calculator:

Further Instructions on payment will follow upon successful filling of the Registration and Investment Forms.

For more information, Interested Investors should send enquiries to or call this number: +234 (0) 814 957 5522.

Also note that any and all payments must be made into this Account Details:

Account Name: Nigeria Farmers' Group & Cooperative Society
Account Number: 4428772016
Bank: FCMB

Send details of payment by Email to or Via SMS to +2348055966030

NFG-CS… The Future of Investment!

Farm, Feed & Grow Nigeria