Our Projects

Since our establishment in 2017, we have engaged in several projects which are aimed at making us better equipped to fully utilise all the opportunities inherent in the Agricultural Sector.

Livestock Projects

We have undertaken projects aimed at helping us develop the Livestock Value Chain. These include Cattle, Sheep, Goat and Turkey husbandry.

Crop Projects

We have undertaken projects aimed at helping us develop the Crop Value Chain. These includes Melon, Rice, Maize, Beniseed, Soybeans, Yam and Ginger Cultivation.

Processing Projects

We have undertaken projects aimed at utilising the opportunities in the processing value chain. Our main example is the Rice Processing City.

A Modern Ranch

Our Animal Husbandry section comprises of Cattle Sheep, Goat, Turkey and Poultry. These animals are fed using the waste from the Crop Production Section, ensuring that nothing is lost to waste. We have also planted a Ten (10) Section of the Ruzi Grass from NAPRI, Zaria which are used to feed the ruminants, ensuring that in rainy and dry seasons, the animals will always have food to keep them healthy.

Organic Crop Produce

All our crops produced on the Farm are organic, farm-fresh and healthy for all Nigerians. The goal is to feed Nigerians with quality food at affordable prices for all. The waste of our animal ranch are used in producing organic fertilisers which are used in our crop production cycle, ensuring that nothing is wasted. Our entire crop production spectrum includes maize, beniseed (sesame), soybeans, cowpea, melon, groundnut, melon, kenaf, yam, ginger and turmeric.

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We are an Integrated Agricultural Project doing our best to ensure that Nigeria achieves food sufficiency and security.

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