Following the ERROR 404 Problem Associated With our online Form that Resulted From the Recent Global Cyber Security Attack, Management has Reached the Following Decision.

1. All Those Who Attempted Registration Between Wednesday and Friday Last Week will have up to 12midnight, 21st May, 2017 to Complete their Registration.

2. All Members who are in any of the WhatsApp Group Without Registration will be Removed Beginning Today. By Registration, We Mean Completed Online Form, Paid Membership & ID Card.

3. Lastly, For Those Who are Registered and having Paid a Part of Their Lease Commitment, please note that you will be Allowed time to Complete Your Payment based on an Individual Process Level.

4. Lease Certificates Will be Issued to Those Who Have Completed Payments. Members who made Part Payment will have to Wait to be Issued Certificates once the Full Status of Their Lease is Confirmed.

5. The Cooperative is Taking out Insurance For All Farming Investment before Planting in Late May/June. By This, Those who have asked should be notified that the insurance process is now active.