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The Nigeria Farmers' Group & Cooperative Society (The Cooperative) in partnership with First City Monument Bank (The Bank) is registering her members to apply for the CBN Anchor Borrowers' Programme.

Participating members of the Cooperative shall be grouped into clusters and their applications facilitated by The Cooperative and the Bank. However, participating members must adhere to these pre-conditions before they can be considered for participation:

1. Participating member must be a fully registered member of The Cooperative.
2. Participating member must maintain an account with The Bank (FCMB) and must have a balance of N2,000 in that account.
3. Participating Members Will Sign undertaking with the Cooperative on the Modus Operandi of operating the Account and Accessing The Support Via The #NFGCS Platform.

Please also note that members can open FCMB Online Account whereever they are. Even those outside Nigeria.

Interested members who satisfy the above pre-conditions must sign up for the programming by accurately filling the form below: