NFGCS FARMS is All About Empowering Women. This Rice Finishing Unit Has About 90% Women Doing Everything To Make Nigeria Great Again. Generally, the Farm employs about 500 local indigenes around the Farm with 67% of them all women. Our experience is that they are more hardworking than their male counterparts, and more diligent as well.

A Nation With 84million Arable Hectares of Farmland and a Population With An Average Age of 35years Cannot Complain of Hunger, Poverty and Underdevelopment.

WE ARE NOT DOING WELL. But The Nigeria Farmers Group and Cooperative Society Will Keep Walking, Working, Battling and Proving That A Nation United Can Never Be Defeated. A Nation With Extremely Defiant Nationalists Will Always Be Great.

#NFGCS #FarmersWithoutBorders #OccupyFarm