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Contract Farming

Realize Your Dream of Increasing Your Investment Portfolio with the NFG-CS Contract Farming Program.

Cooperative Farming

Realize Your Dream of Being A Revolutionary Farmer with the NFG-CS Cooperative Farming Program.

NFG-CS Farm Funds

Realize Your Dream of being a Part of the Agric Revolution with the NFG-CS Farm Funds Program.


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Expansion into Shaabu, Nasarawa State

We now have about 2000 Hectares of Land in Shaabu ready for farming

Expansion to Shaabu6

Expansion into The South South Region

Having established farms in the north, we are looking to expand to other parts of Nigeria.



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March 20, 2018

Live Ginger/Turmeric Training

One of the Key Mandates of the Nigeria Farmers' Group & Cooperative Society is Agricultural Training Programs for Different & Varied agric Products. In furtherance of this mandate, we shall be hosting our very first training program on Ginger/Turmeric farming with a specialist in Ginger/Turmeric farming. This will be a training unlike any other as it will grant participants the opportunity to witness first hand how a proper Ginger/Turmeric farm is run.

Be advised that this training is strictly for members of the Cooperative only.



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ACT Alliance Nigeria Crisis Appeal 2017-2018

This post was originally published on this site The humanitarian crisis in the six states of the North-Eastern Nigeria has intensified after eight years of violent conflict. In 2016, this was compounded as the Nigeria Government Forces took back territory previously held by the Boko Haram insurgency. The conflict caused widespread forced displacement, acute food […]


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