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Contract Farming

Realize Your Dream of Increasing Your Investment Portfolio with the NFG-CS Contract Farming Program.

Cooperative Farming

Realize Your Dream of Being A Revolutionary Farmer with the NFG-CS Cooperative Farming Program.

Cash Crop Farming

Plan for your Retirement with the NFG-CS Cash Crop Investment Program.


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Across the breadth of Nigeria, we are embarking on a massive Soybeans Project.


Product Diversification: The Water Melon Project

A few months ago, we planted a few Hectares of Land with Water Melon.



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August 1, 2018

Second Investment Window Opens

As part of the Mandate to better serve our Members and Investors, and as part of a larger decision to ensure better accountability on our part, we have divided up the seasons for subscription in a Calendar year into two.

Henceforth, Prospective Investors who wish to Invest with the Cooperative shall do so on two Investment Windows: The First Investment Window/Early Bird Investment Window which shall run from February - May of 2018, and the Second Investment Window/Late Bird Investment Window which shall run from August to November of 2018.  We duly believe these Windows shall enable us be more efficient in looking after your Investments.

Also, the Cooperative is currently running a Special Investment Program for only Beniseed (Sesame seed) and Soybeans with Guaranteed 50% ROI and a tenure of six months, with payout in March, 2019. Interested Investors should read more about the Program here.



NFG-CS Investment Opportunities 1

Explore Investment Opportunities with NFG-CS

The Nigeria Farmers’ Group & Cooperative Society (NFG-CS) is offering people the opportunity for economic diversification but taking advantage of opportunities that exist with the Group. These Opportunities are Outlined below: 1. Distributorship Opportunities: One of the Key mandates of NFG-CS is to be the foremost Agricultural Commodities Exchange platform. In this light, the Cooperative […]


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