Nigeria Farmers’ Group

Welcome to the Home of the Nigeria Farmers’ Group; Nigeria’s premier Agricultural Investment Platform offering you a safe platform to invest your funds in Agriculture.

A Farm Settlement Village Established in 2017

In February 2017, we dared to do something which was not common place, that is, establish a Farm Settlement Village in Ga’ate, Kokona LGA, Nasarawa State to position ourselves to take advantage of the immense opportunities inherent in Agriculture. But we are only just getting started!

A Couple Reasons to do Business with Us!

Integrated Farming

We are involved in the entire agricultural value chain from crop production to Processing. Every aspect of the Farm complements the other!

Experienced Professionals

We have the very best Professionals working for us and instructing our staff on the very best of Agricultural Practices to ensure profitability and sustainability. 

Data-Driven Projects

Our Investment Programs are tested out with an exhaustive Pilot phase before being open to the Public. We don’t just quote the numbers, we have the data!

Best ROIs

We have the best Returns on Investment for any platform of our kind. This is because we are directly involved in the productive process, mitigating huge losses!

Annual Investment

Invest in either Crop or Livestock Programs with a tenure of 12 months.

Special Investment

Short-term Investment Programs which are results of Supply Agreement with major Off-takers.

Life-Time Investment

Invest in Longer Term Investment Programs which are designed to earn you interest for years.

Are you a professional who is very passionate about Agriculture but lack the time to effectively start and manage your own Farm? NFGCS was designed especially for people like yourself, providing you a safe and trusted platform to actualise your dreams of being a farmer without making a career change.

A Plug-N-Play Agricultural Investment Platform

We have set up a system that essentially de-risks investment in Agriculture! With your Funds, you can invest in anyone of our tailor-made Investment Programs and earn attractive returns on your investment without any hassle.

Livestock Investment

Invest in our varied Livestock Investment Programs

Crop Investment

Invest in our varied Crop Investment Programs


Increase value of commodities and invest in processing facilities

Words on Marble

“Best way to do agricultural investment, if you wouldn’t manage it yourself. Sure money. Tested and trusted.”
“The only place the Youths can learn more about our agricultural economy.Kudos to the coordinator’s and other members”

““This is a forum where Nigerians can be encouraged, and where Government can spur people to farm, through financial and moral support, thus increasing food production in the Country.”

A Modern Integrated Farm

Warehousing & Storage

We are equipped with the State of the Art Warehouse which is the single largest warehouse in Nasarawa State.

Mechanised Farming

With 3,000 Hectares and counting, it is imperative that we use all the machines that can help make our mission easier.

A Working Ranch

In the Farm Centre is also a Working Ranch where breeding and fattening are ongoing. Our ranch can hold 5,000 heads of cattle in every cycle

We are Mobile!

We have developed a mobile application, ‘Ga’atevest’ to make it easier to invest with us. This app offers you the best of NFGCS, at your fingertip!!!

Get In Touch or Visit The Farm Anytime 

We are an Agricultural Investment Platform offering Nigerians all over the world the opportunity to own farms across Nigeria without having to make any career change.

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