About Our Farm 

Our Farm Settlement Village, located in Ga’ate Community, Kokona LGA, Nasarawa State is 3,000 Hectares Large where agricultural productive activities of crop production, animal husbandry, rice processing and equipment fabrication are on-going in Large scale. We can write about it here, but we believe it is better experienced than read.

Our Primary Goal & Values

The NFGCS Vision

The vision of NFGCS is to help Nigeria achieve food sufficiency by engaging her citizenry in the now patriotic task of developing her Agricultural Industry.


As an Integrated Agricultural Platform, with partnerships stretching across the country, our Valued Partners must have unflinching trusts in our processes and products.


NFGCS is a working partnership among different working parts. It is a synergic relationship that exists among Host Communities, Management, Investors, staff and the different other parts working towards the shared goal of developing Nigeria through Agriculture.


Integrity is a key value which has served us well in the years since our establishment. As an ideological alternative, it is imperative that a key founding values be Integrity.

The Beginning 

In 2017, I led a team of young nigerians to start The Nigeria Farmers Group And Cooperative Society. Hoping that NIRSAL FARM SMART would help us. We secured over 1,000 hectares of farmland via a contribution of N75,000/hectare from nigerians all over the world who believed in Nigeria to farm maize. The cost per hectare was around N250,000/hectare. We cultivated, sold, borrowed money and paid off 90% of all of our investors.

The rest recycled and re-invested their Funds. Most foolishly and with insane naivety, we paid 100% ROI. Everybody was Happy Except The Farm Management who kept hope Alive and Kept Believing. Late 2017, we changed the Investment Model and reduced the ROI to around 70%.

It is Important to note that ROIs are a major component of all forms of commercial Agribusiness particularly when you are dealing with short term Investors, running a crowdfunding platform and needing to raise money to support process operation for the longevity of project. These rates can also kill the project if we are not careful & tenaciously dedicated.

 There are about four types of rates: Naivety Rates, Distress Rates, Survival rates and Normalization rates. Every commercial Agribusiness project today is offering one of these four rates and it is a reality that is happening NOW!

NAIVETY RATES are rates you offer when you new to agribusiness. You expect everything to work as you have read them on economics and business books. I was here and paid about 100% in 2017. It was suicidal and destructive. Those who know will not tell you, they will lend you money & lead you on to Go & die. The damaging aspect of these rate, is that you will do everything possible to make the payments of ROIs to ensure investors return back, but most will cash out & leave you hanging.

Some will wonder why you are complaining about conditions affecting your business while others are paying. These rates make Agribusiness nothing but Ponzi scheme or MLM. All start-up agribusiness Projects must avoid the naivety rates. They delay progress & stifle growth significantly. If you are not Tenacious, you can't survive them.

We have established farm settlement Village in a Nasarawa State, which is located in North Central Region of Nigeria with structures on ground which can support Commercial Agriculture like Irrigation system, employment of Agricultural Extension Officers and purchase of sophisticated Farm Machineries. The Farm Estate is 3,000 hectares large, although a fraction of this number has been cleared for any form of Agricultural activities.

More Than Just a Cooperative

In September, 2018 when it became imperative that there was need to change the structure of the Management of the entity, the Nigeria Farmers’ Group & Cooperative Society (NFGCS) and following the advise of our Financial Partner, KiaKia Bits Limited, a Company was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), NFGCS Farms Limited.

Having set up this structure, it was necessary to define the activities of the two complementary yet different business entities. The Nigeria Farmers’ Group & Cooperative Society (The Cooperative) has as its sole responsibility the task of primary production (crop and animal husbandry). 

But the opportunities inherent in agriculture are more than just primary productive opportunities. The entire Agricultural value chain is littered with opportunities, opportunities that NFGCS is primarily primed to effectively utilise owing to the track record, experience and good will. These fall under the purview of NFGCS Farms Limited (The Company). Hence, the entity, NFGCS be it the Company or the Cooperative is essential positioned to take advantage of the opportunities in Agriculture using its plug-n-play Integrated Agricultural Platform where partners can plug into a platform for different reasons and needs. 

Get In Touch or Visit The Farm Anytime 

We are an Integrated Agricultural Project doing our best to ensure that Nigeria achieves food sufficiency and security.

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