About Our Farm 

Our Farm Settlement Village, located in Ga’ate Community, Kokona LGA, Nasarawa State is 3,000 Hectares Large where agricultural productive activities of crop production, animal husbandry, rice processing and equipment fabrication are on-going in Large scale. We can write about it here, but we believe it is better experienced than read.

Our Primary Goal & Values

The NFGCS Vision

The vision of NFGCS is to help Nigeria achieve food sufficiency by engaging her citizenry in the now patriotic task of developing her Agricultural Industry.


As an Agricultural Investment Platform, handling over a Billion Naira in Investments alone, our Valued Investors must trust that their resources will be utilised for the purposes for which the Investments were made.


NFGCS is a working partnership among different working parts. It is a synergic relationship that exists among Host Communities, Management, Investors, staff and the different other parts working towards the shared goal of developing Nigeria through Agriculture.


Integrity is a key value which has served us well in the years since our establishment. As an ideological alternative, it is imperative that a key founding values be Integrity.

Trusted Since 2017

An Idea which started on the back heel of the Occupy NASS movement among comrades who came to the realisation that REAL change will not be feasible without a seismic shift in ideology. NFG-CS understands that for any meaningful development to happen to the Nigerian Economy, Nigerians must develop their Agricultural sector. For the longest time, despite the Billions of Naira which has supposedly been pumped into the Agricultural Sector, Nigeria still spends Billions annually on the importation of food to support the local production of food which isn’t sufficient, while about 50 Million Hectares remain un-farmed.

We have established farm settlement Villages across Nasarawa and Adamawa States with structures on ground which can support Commercial Agriculture like Irrigation system, employment of Agricultural Extension Officers and purchase of sophisticated Farm Machineries. Each Farm settlement village is at least three (3) thousand Hectares large and individuals can lease these lands from NFGCS, provide the finances to farm these lands with their Crop(s) of choice and NFGCS will manage the entire operations for them, from land preparation to eventual off-taking.

More Than Just a Cooperative

In September, 2018 when it became imperative that there was need to change the structure of the Management of the entity, the Nigeria Farmers’ Group & Cooperative Society (NFGCS) and following the advise of our Financial Partner, KiaKia Bits Limited, a Company was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the Cooperative as the Majority shareholder in this new Business Entity, NFGCS Farms Limited.

Having set up this structure, it was necessary to define the activities of the two complementary yet different business entities. The Nigeria Farmers’ Group & Cooperative Society (The Cooperative) has as its sole responsibility the task of primary production (crop and animal husbandry). Hence, the Cooperative is essentially a crowdfunding platform where members can invest in a number of primary productive activities and earn attractive returns on their investment.

But the opportunities inherent in agriculture are more than just primary productive opportunities. The entire Agricultural value chain is littered with opportunities, opportunities that NFGCS is primarily primed to effectively utilise owing to the track record, experience and good will. These fall under the purview of NFGCS Farms Limited (The Company). Hence, the entity, NFGCS be it the Company or the Cooperative is essential positioned to take advantage of the opportunities in Agriculture using its plug-n-play Investment Platform where investors with funds can plug into a de-risked investment platform and earn attractive returns on their investment. NFGCS can handle any level of Investment up to $1 billion.

Words on Marble

“Best way to do agricultural investment, if you wouldn’t manage it yourself. Sure money. Tested and trusted.”
“The only place the Youths can learn more about our agricultural economy. Kudos to the coordinator’s and other members.”

“This is a forum where Nigerians can be encouraged, and where Government can spur people to farm, through financial and moral support, thus increasing food production in the Country.”

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We are an Agricultural Investment Platform offering Nigerians all over the world the opportunity to own farms across Nigeria without having to make any career change.

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